How to improve the health of poor children when there is no budget

The staggered economy in the Corona period is now affecting the health of poor children. The budget has hit the government’s plan to provide food to children enrolled in council schools. For the month-long meal, only Rs 126 will be sent to the parents’ account. In fact, the basic education department of the district has been allocated funds relative to it.

The lock is hanging in schools during the global epidemic. In such a situation, the government had planned to provide nutritious food to the students at home. Under this, there is a provision to send MDM funds to the bank accounts of parents of two lakh 34 thousand 965 students studying in the council schools. 374 per month for primary school students and Rs 561 for pre-secondary students has been fixed. But students are not getting the benefit of this. Budget constraints are coming in the way. Not enough budget is being released to the Basic Education Department from the government level itself. Due to this, in June, only 54 rupees were given to the account of the parents of the students of primary schools and Rs. 80 to the students of the former secondary schools. This time, primary students will get 126 rupees and pre-secondary students 190 rupees.

Money reaching all parents’ accounts

It has been directed from the government that funds allocated in the allocated funds will be sent to the account of the same number of students and guardians. Funds will be received in the remaining students’ account next month. But to avoid disputes, the department is sending lesser amount to the accounts of all the parents.

Ration is being given every month, the responsibility of the Kotdars

In the era of global epidemic, free ration is being distributed to the students of council schools every month on the instructions of the government. Students of primary schools are getting seven kg 600 gram ration. This includes 5.50 kg of rice and 2.50 kg of wheat. While pre-secondary students are getting 11 kg 400 gram ration. 7.60 kg rice and 3.80 kg wheat is given.

On the instructions of the government, MDM funds are being sent to the bank accounts of the parents of the students of the council schools every month. However, due to the release of less budget from the government, less money is being given. The deficiency will be repaid upon grant.

Neeraj Singh, District Coordinator, Mid-Day-Meal