Lending insurance agent gets expensive, case done instead of refunding money

LIC agent Sikandar Pandit, who lives in Bandhi village of Dhanwar block, found it expensive to help a sick person. Four years ago, his brother, who helped him, now implicated him in a false trial. Agent Sikandar Pandit said that four years ago, Gobid Ravidas, brother of the very poor Anil Ravidas, who lived in the village, had been suffering from cancer. He had loaned him seven lakh rupees in cash to get treatment for the family and villagers on Arju’s plea. Anil had also signed a memorandum in the presence of some enlightened person of the village to return the said loan amount, but Gobid died in the course of treatment. It is said that according to the promise, Anil gave LIC and Bajaj Insurance from his brother’s name through 450107 on 21 October 16 and 211600 rupees on 08 February 17 through check, but was reluctant to give the remaining 38293.

When he was pressurized from the social level, he filed a case after four years alleging the Dalit Act and cheating. It is said that in this conspiracy of Anil, a BSP leader is interfering to cook his political bread. Anil also gave a check for the balance amount, which has also bounced once. In the late evening of July 17, Anil was accompanied by two of his unknown accomplices and abused and beaten up, whose application has also been given in Dhanwar police station. Action has also been taken on that application. Anil has unnecessarily tarnished his image by blowing up the case. He will complain to SP about this.