Loved in the spring, it rained fiercely

Rewari: The entire monsoon Badra, who had been raining for the rain, lashed out in the Bhado season on Sunday. Badra did not take the name of stopping for one hour for such a year. The kind of rain that city dwellers had been anticipating for a long time was completed on Sunday. The rain got rid of the humidity and heat. At the same time, rain is also beneficial for crops. The meteorological department estimates that there is about 50 mm of rain in an hour. The rains led to waterlogging across the city. Due to the waterlogging at major places, the speed of vehicles on the roads stopped. Lack of water drainage and sewer overflow caused a hellish situation in the city. On Sunday, the maximum temperature is 34.5 and the minimum temperature is 27. It was recorded at 4 ° C. The wait for beneficial rains for the crop was especially high for the landlords. Around 80 thousand hectares of cotton and millet crops have been sown by farmers across the district. Due to lack of rain, farmers were irrigating with tube wells and canal water, but due to irrigation with artificial water, crops could not get the color that comes from rain. The rain was similar to what farmers had expected on Sunday. Rain and cotton and millet crops will benefit greatly. According to Agriculture Department officials, rain is similar to nectar for crops. The open pole of the arrangements for evacuation is not the first time the situation has arisen after the rain in the city on Sunday. Whether the rain is 50 mm or more, the same conditions of the city become every time. The city became watery as soon as it rained on Sunday. Worst case is Circular Road, Model Town, Bawal Road, Naiwali Chowk, Bhadarwas Chowk, Bara Hazari, Railway Chowk, Bus Stand, Civil Hospital. The civil hospital was flooded by 3 to 4 feet. The sewerage system also responded after the rains, causing the problem of sewerage overflow across the city.

The speed of the vehicles remained stagnant due to heavy rains in the city, along with the circular road, there was a large amount of waterlogging on other major routes including markets. Due to this, the speed of vehicles stopped on the roads, due to which people also had a lot of trouble. Two-wheeler drivers were very upset due to the accumulation of water on the streets of Model Town in the city by one to two feet and their vehicles stopped in the middle of the water. Apart from Dharuhera Chungi, Leo Chowk, Dr. BR Ambedkar Chowk, the speed of vehicles stopped due to the accumulation of large amount of water from Bharadwas Chowk to Naiwali Chowk. It took the drivers an hour to cover the 15-minute journey from Dharuhera Chungi to Naiwali Chowk. Chance of more rain

According to Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain in the district in the coming days as well. However, in some areas, this rain will intensify, in some areas it may decrease.