After declaring the results, the examination department of Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology has finalized the preparation of the online oral examination of the final year of all courses. The exam timetable has been prepared. All exams will be conducted between August 17 and 23. The university administration has set a target to declare the result on 26 August.

According to the guidelines of the University Grants Commission and the government, the university administration has decided to conduct online oral examination of final year students. A three-member panel of examiners has also been formed for the examination. In each panel, two teachers from the respective departments of the university are included as external examiners and one external examiner of external technical institute. According to the examination department, external examiners have been selected from IIT and NIT institutes. Apart from this, an Observer has also been nominated by the Vice Chancellor, who will be committed to maintain the integrity of the examination. The average of the marks given by the examiners in the panel will be the marks of the examinee. All exams will be conducted through Google Meet.

If you are not satisfied, you will get an opportunity for offline examination

The university administration has also planned to give offline examination opportunity to the student who is not satisfied with the online oral test score. The condition will be that before taking the offline examination, the marks of the online examination will be canceled and that examination will be conducted only after the university opens in view of the corona transition.

These students will be online exam

B.Tech 4th Year: 823 Students

MSc Physics: 18 students

MBA Second Year: 58 Students

According to the UGC and Governance Guidelines, the preparation of the offline oral examination of the final year students has been completed. The exam timetable has also been prepared between August 17 and August 23. The target is to announce the result on 26 August. – Pro. AN Tiwari, Controller of Examinations, Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology.