NDRF boat in the swollen river, echoed on the birth of child, people said – Bhai Wah

During the relief and rescue work in the midst of floods in Bihar, many incidents which have shaken the human sensation are coming. One such case has come up in Banjariya in East Champaran district. The National Disaster Management Force (NDRF) team delivered a pregnant woman who was lying in the midst of floods, suffering from childbirth. With the birth of a child on a boat in the swollen river, all of them breathed a sigh of relief. Subsequently, the NDRF transported the child to a safe hospital. Whoever got to know about this incident woke up.

NDRF recalls a woman trapped in flood

During the flood relief and rescue operations in East Champaran district, the 9th battalion of NDRF was reported to have trapped a pregnant woman, who was suffering from childbirth, in Gobari village of flood affected Banjariya block of Budhi Gandak river. After this, the NDRF team reached there with a rescue boat. The NDRF team rushed to the nearest Primary Health Center along with the relatives and an ASHA worker to the delivery victim Rima Devi.

Born on a boat in the middle of a swollen river

The woman’s condition deteriorated until she reached the boat in the old Gandak river. Then the NDRF decided to take delivery on the river in the swollen river. Then, with the help of NDRF team, ASHA workers and family women, the woman gave birth to a child on the boat itself. The NDRF team then admitted the woman and her child to the Primary Health Center of Banjariya with the help of an ambulance.

NDRF personnel trained for delivery

Vijay Sinha, commander of the 9th battalion of NDRF, said that while evacuating people from flood affected areas, their battalion has so far given birth to 10 children over the years. These include the birth of twins once. He said that NDRF personnel receive first aid training along with first aid, so that they can help in emergency situations.