new selection of cook in council schools will not happen this time

There is good news for the cook who cooks the mid-day meal in the council schools of Pratapgarh district. They will not be selected afresh this time. Only cooks working in the past will work. The government has taken this decision in view of the corona virus infection. This will keep the cooks working in all the schools of the district intact.

Cooks get monthly honorarium of 1500 rupees

A total of seven thousand 32 cooks have been deployed to make mid-day meals for children in the council’s primary and pre-secondary schools of the district. They are given an honorarium of Rs 1500 each month.

Every year in the month of April, Rasseya is renewed.

Every year in the month of April, the cook was selected afresh for the next season. There was a rule in this that such women whose children are educated in school, they can be selected as cooks. In view of the infection of Kovid-19 Corona virus, the government has postponed the cook selection mandate this time. Now the same cook will serve to cook food for the children for the whole season.

Only cooks working in the past will work

The District Coordinator of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme, Mohammad Izhar said that this time there will be no new selection of cook. BSA Ashok Kumar Singh said that only cooks working in council primary and pre-secondary schools will work in this session as well. His new selection will not be done this time. Its mandate has been obtained.