Pantaloon store costing five rupees for carry bag costlier, Consumer Forum fined

Chandigarh  The Consumer Forum has imposed a penalty at Pantaloons store in Alante Mall, which charges five rupees separately for carry bags. The Pantaloon store here was expensive to charge for five rupees carry bags on goods worth Rs 319. While hearing the matter in the forum, on behalf of the store, the complainant has been ordered to refund the compensation amount of Rs 100, Rs 1100 along with the case cost of five rupees.

Mohali resident Deepak Agarwal told in his complaint in Consumer Forum 2 that he had gone to buy the goods from the said store on January 20, 2019. After purchasing the goods, when he went to the billing counter to pay the money, the ster employee sitting there gave Rs 319 of the goods. But when Deepak saw the bill, he was surprised that the bill has five rupees separately for the carry bag.

It was illegal for the employee to do so, but he did not agree and took five separately. At the same time, the store filed an answer that they gave the carry bag to the complainant only after getting their approval. Therefore,nothing has been done to serve them on their behalf. At the same time, after listening to the arguments of both sides, the Consumer Forum has given this decision.