Pay attention to consumers associated with Kalyani Devi Substation, electricity supply will be disrupted in these mohallas

There is information for electricity consumers residing in the areas related to Kalyani Devi Substation. Supplies will be closed from 10:30 am to 3 pm till 31 July. The deduction starts on Monday. Here additional feeder is being installed to reduce the load. In such a situation, make sure that the consumer drinking water associated with this sub-center is arranged well in advance, so that you will not have problems.

There will be no electricity supply in these areas from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm

SDO of the electricity department, Sanjeev Kumar said that the supply of areas like Meerapur, Sadiyapur, Outside Village, Lalitha Mandir,Kakraha Ghat, Atala, Islamia, Mirzagalib, Gulabbadi etc. will be stopped. People should ensure the arrangement of water etc. in advance.

Even today one hour supply will be interrupted in civil lines

On the other hand, the SDO of Civil Lines subdivision said that due to renovation work in the sub-station, supply will be stopped in the areas of Subhash Square, Sangam Palace, Indira Bhawan, Stone Church, Indira Murthy Square, Sadar Bazar etc. from 11 am to 12 am on July 27.

Cable was repaired after hard work

The officials and employees of the electricity department had to put in a lot of effort in making the demolished cable near Niranjan Dot bridge. Filling of rainwater in the dug pit made it difficult. SDO Kalyani Devi Sanjeev Kumar said that the demolished cable was repaired after digging the road from JCB. During this time it also rained, which definitely affected the work, but the work was completed in time.

The water shortage will go away when the big tubewell is operational

Due to the malfunction of the tubewell located at Tikona Park in Sivakuti, its line has been added to the tubewell in Gyanabalu. Due to the low pressure of water, there is a shortage of water in around seven hundred houses. In order to diagnose the problem, Jalanigam in Durgapuja Park has started installing a large tube well which is expected to be completed in at least a month.

Said, General Manager of Water Department

The general manager of the water department, Harishchandra Balmiki, says that the tubewell is bad, it has been interconnected. This has solved the water problem. A large tubewell is being installed in Durgapuja Park by the Jal Nigam. When this tube is turned on, the water pressure will increase.