Poor student asked to vacate hostel, no place to go

A poor student of Presidency University in Bengal claimed that the hostel authorities are pressurizing him to vacate the room immediately, but he has no place to go. Her father left her several years ago.

Johnny Biswas is a former Bengali second-year student at the university. He told that his mother lives with his brother in Bangladesh. His father also left him. He said that if he was forced to leave the Eden Hindu Hostel, he would stay on the sidewalk or kill himself.

University officials said that the students are not being allowed to stay in the hostel due to the corona virus epidemic but they will find out the condition of trust. Biswas told that he has no relatives to ask for help. He received a scholarship. Her father had remarried several years earlier and left her and her mother. He used to stay with his friend while studying in school but now he too is not ready to take her along. When contacted Dean Dean Arun Maiti said that I will find out the case.

Corona infected figures exceed 65 thousand in Bengal

Corona’s havoc in Bengal does not seem to stop. On Wednesday, 41 people died and 2294 new cases were reported. There were 38 deaths and 2134 new cases a day earlier. With this, the figure of corona infects in the state has crossed 65 thousand. According to the medical bulletin issued by the state health department, the total number of infected persons has reached 65258 of which 19652 are active cases. At the same time, the death toll has increased to 1490. However, the number of patients recovering from active cases has been 44116. In the last 24 hours, 2094 patients have been discharged. A day earlier, 2105 patients were discharged. The recovery rate has increased to 67.60 percent, from 66.74 percent a day earlier.