School buildings fell in Bihar due to heavy rains, know – other states

The effect of heavy rains is visible in Bihar and UP. After heavy rains in Bihar, many parts have been flooded. A school building in Navagachhiya in Bhagalpur district was washed away by the Kosi river. At the same time, there has been waterlogging in Prayagraj of UP after continuous heavy rains. In many places, water has entered the houses.

The Meteorological Department has issued warnings of heavy to very heavy rainfall in eastern UP on Tuesday 14 July and Wednesday 15 July. In addition to western UP, there is a possibility of thunderstorms or showers during these two days in central UP. At the same time, the weather of the day will be dry and hot in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Western Rajasthan. Light to moderate rains will occur at many places in Southeast Rajasthan. The weather of the day will remain pleasant and dry in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The weather of the day will be hot and humid in the plains.

The monsoon in Delhi has not caught up yet. Despite the early arrival of the monsoon, the national capital received 40 percent less rainfall. Delhi received less than normal rainfall in July. The metropolis has received 79.7 mm of rainfall since the monsoon on June 1, while the normal rainfall is 132.6 mm. Thus it is 40 percent less. The monsoon reached Delhi on 25 June, two days before the normal date.

Heavy rains may occur in these states

According to the meteorological department, the monsoon is active in the west coast from Goa to Kerala. According to the Skymet Weather report, there is a possibility of heavy rain in Mumbai by July 16, a warning has been issued regarding this. The rain is expected to be the strongest on July 15. An alert has been issued in Himachal for rain. Apart from Mumbai, heavy rains may occur over Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Tamil Nadu and parts of Andhra Pradesh in the next 24 hours. Also, some areas may receive heavy rains in Gujarat. Monsoon is normal in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, with moderate rainfall expected. Light rain may occur in some districts of Uttarakhand, Punjab and Haryana. For Delhi, the wait of rain may be longer for the people as the weather is likely to remain dry today.

The process of rain and rain will continue

Chance of rain and rain will continue in Uttar Pradesh till 16 July. Between Sunday evening and Monday evening, rain or thunderstorms occurred at some places in the eastern regions of the state. During this period, the maximum rainfall of 6 cm was recorded in the Hata of Kushinagar. Apart from this, rain was recorded in Birdghat 4, Nighasan and Kheri 3-3 cm. Lucknow and surrounding areas received rain in the early hours on Monday. But even this rain did not bring relief to life. Humid and sticky heat made people unhappy. At the same time, due to heavy rains in Prayagraj, residential areas and houses have been flooded.

Rivers are in spate in Bihar due to heavy rains and floods. Embankments are breaking and eroding due to water pressure. Fear is widespread among the people due to floods. One embankment in Madhubani district and two in East Champaran broke. Whereas, a part of the new bridge in Darbhanga flowed into the Kamala River. In Samastipur, a woman died due to falling house during the rains. In Sitamarhi, two people were reported dead due to drowning in flood waters. In Madhubani, an old man was swept away in water. Two dozen villages of Madhubani, Bhitahan, Piparasi and Thakrahan blocks of West Champaran district have been submerged. People are living in high places. The destruction of Gandak continued in the direction of Nautan and Yogapatti blocks. Massive river erosion continued in Dharmahui. Water level of Gandak 2. Has reached 73 million cusecs. All the gates of Gandak Barrage have been completely lifted. The team of engineers is camping. At the same time, floods have occurred in many parts of Bihar after heavy rains. A school building in Navagachhiya in Bhagalpur district was washed away by the Kosi river.

Monsoon will be active in Haryana from tomorrow

Dr. Madan Khichar, Head of the Department of Meteorological Department, Haryana Agriculture University, Meteorological said that the Tropic of Monsoon remains in the foothills of Himalayas. Hence, the monsoon will remain active after July 15. Moderate rains may occur over North Haryana and light rain in South and West Haryana.

Chance of good rain in Mumbai

Mumbai and adjoining areas are likely to receive more rains and good rains may continue till 16 July. The Municipal Commissioner of Thane, Maharashtra said that 79 buildings have been classified as “quite dangerous” and the process of evacuating them is going on and the process may take up to two days. The Meteorological Department has predicted strong winds in the southwest and west central Arabian Sea and has advised fishermen not to venture into the sea in these areas.