Three illegal hostels will be demolished in Kehri village, cant board will issue notice to operators

Three illegally built hostels will be demolished in Kehri village in Premnagar. Notice is being issued to the hostel operators in this context by the Cantt Board. These hostels have been sealed for a long time. A resolution to start the demolition process of these sealed hostels has been passed at the Cantonment Council meeting held on Tuesday. Voting on the proposal was held after some councilors protested. In which the proposal passed. At the same time, the online process for depositing house tax in the Cantt Board will also start soon. The people of all eight wards will get the benefit of this.

Many more important resolutions were also passed in the board meeting chaired by Cantonment Council President Brig SN Singh. A board meeting was first proposed to begin the demolition process of three sealed hostels in Kehri village. Vice President Rajendra Kaur Saundhi, Councilor Madhu Khatri, Meenu, Vinod Panwar, Jitendra Taneja, Kamalraj, Hitesh Gupta etc. were also present in the meeting.

Hostel operators petitioned the district court

Explain that the then CEO had seized three hostels Achiever Home, Doon Habitat and Hill View in Kehri village of Premnagar as illegal. Hostel operators said that the area in which hostels are built does not come on the cant board. The hostel operators had filed a petition in the District Court against this and opposed the sealing, which was canceled by the court. A hostel operator had also appealed in the GOC in C, but he was not relieved from here either. After this the hostel operators filed a petition in the High Court. The High Court had said a joint survey with the Survey of India, the revenue department of the said area. CEO Tanu Jain said that it was proved in the joint survey that the place where these hostels are built, He is in the Cantt area itself. The report has also been submitted in the High Court. Apart from this, a proposal was also brought in the context of starting the online payment process in the Cantonment Council. The board also passed it.

House tax online submission process will start from August 15

The Chief Executive Officer said that from August 15, the process of depositing house tax online in the Cantt Board will be started. Based on the report of JE Civil, permission was also given to start the construction work at a cost of 2.95 crore in the board meeting. Out of these, damaged drinking water lines will be repaired with 29.25 lakh. At the same time, many works of road and drain construction will also be done.

Action will be taken against illegal construction

The Cantt Board will take strict action regarding illegal constructions in the civil area of ​​the Cantt Board. For this, JE Civil has been given instructions from the CEO. Also, it was decided in the board meeting that along with recovering Rs 50 thousand from those who do illegal construction work, the amount to be broken will also be recovered. During this time, the proposal to recruit additional staff and purchase tractor-trolleys was also approved to prevent illegal constructions on the demand of JE Civil.

Water connection should be delivered to every house

At the board meeting, the councilor of Premnagar demanded a water connection to every house in the cantt area. He also proposed in this regard. He said that water is the moral right of all. The CEO endorsed the proposal, saying that any house map in the Cantt area would pass, every effort would be made to provide water in that house. Extension and salary increases were proposed to various contract workers at the board meeting. The proposal to increase the contract was cleared, but the chairman refused to increase the salary.